ON MY RADAR | Denim Dress-ing
6 Fab Chick Approved Under $100

Anything denim is always considered a no-brainer for me. These six denim dresses are perfect for the summer season.  I love them. Add a few colorful accessories and a dope pair of "man-hating" wedges (in case you messed that memo check here) and you're good to go for a relaxed summer day while still maintaining your Fab Chick-ness.

Denim Dresses
(l to r:)Levi's $55, Hurley $44, Asos $69
French Connection $40, Quicksilver $60, Oasis $35


Maki Lane 10.6.11  

The Asos and French Connection dresses are so adorable! Love denim dresses!

Kerissa 12.6.11  

Adoring the one form Asos, French Connection and Oasis. Saw a cute one in Old Navy but the price was a bit much for my liking.

thefatandskinnyonfashion 15.6.11  

The asos and oasis dresses are the cutest denim dresses.

Sereeda (eclechick) 16.6.11  

Great picks. The Oasis one is fab & not too heavy on my coins!

JessieADORE 17.6.11  

SO i love with the ASOS and French Connection dresses!Definitely gonna check into copping those.
And honestly...the quicksilver number could get it to. Lol