I Asked: Just Say No...to Wedges?

As I sat on the train glancing at my wedges I began to wonder what was it about this style of shoe that men didn't like. I mean, I love all my pairs. I just didn’t understand. What’s there not to like?

Every female I know loves a fab pair of wedges. They give us the comfort we need while giving us the height we love. Especially those of us not blessed with having long legs.

So I decided to randomly ask a few guys I know why didn't they like wedged shoes. I consider them all dope in different ways, so I was curious what they’re responses would be. Here goes.

Orlando says: They look like fake heels. There’s nothing sexy about them. The point of a woman’s heel is sexy; the wedge doesn't offer that visual at all.

Jason says: They’re ugly period. There are no such things as dope wedges.

Dre says: The shoes? They look weird on a woman’s foot. The shoe is just too bulky if you know what I mean. I’ve yet to see a dope pair. Maybe, but to me I’d never like them.

Mougabe says: It just compromises that classic feminine appeal. It looks like yall wearing big a** bricks on your feet. I know they are WAY more comfy than heels but f*ck that. Looking sexy to your fullest potential should always be painful. **laughs**

Justin says: They’re not the most attractive shoes.

Shydel says: Wedges are a cop out! If you going to wear a shoe with a heel, it needs to be skinny and high! Case closed. Part of the appeal and the sexiness of a heel is to watch a woman walk and teeter in them with confidence and swagger. You don’t get that in a wedge. Anybody can walk in that. **laughs**

I asked a few others and the consensus stand. They didn’t like them and they were just plain hideous. Hell, even my father isn’t a big fan of them.

Ugh! Ouch! Ah man!

But I did hear from ONE guy who approved of wedge styles.

Ahyende says: I think they are hot. I like seeing them. They are sexy. And it depends on the look.

So ladies would you consider not wearing wedges because you knew most men didn’t find them attractive? Do you consider your shoe options when you’re dating a guy? What if he hates your shoes, would you suffer in pain wearing a particular style for your date, boyfriend, husband, etc.?

PS: Guess who'll still be wearing "bricks" on their feet all spring/summer season? Hmph!


Frugal Flirty N Fab 26.4.11  

Very interesting! I had no idea men felt this way about wedges. I still luv them though!

Unknown 26.4.11  

No to all of those questions. LOL I love wedges. Since when did men start focusing on our feet? geesh!

Krista 26.4.11  

Very interesting. I love wedges & am surprised by all the disapproval :)

Unknown 27.4.11  

Thats quite funny that you had this convo because I had the same convo with a guy i used to date and he complained about the same thing. But that will never stop me...let them walk a day in our shoes, lol. Love heels, wedges, flats and sneakers, no shoe discrimination here!

Pristina 27.4.11  

I love this idea, even though I love wedges lolz. Smh @ all of them disliking wedged heels. They should walk around in the heels they love seeing women in!

MzMore 27.4.11  

Lol I had no idea guys felt this way. My bf loves all of my shoes. If guys don't like wedges they can kick rocks. Tell them to try walking in a pair, or rather a pair of the "tall skinny heels" that they adore and then speak. I love me some heels though, and I am usually in a pair of 4-6 inches, but wedges are so much more comfortable... and they are totally haute!. Nice post hon.

MissMikelah 27.4.11  

Men tend to like the most uncomfortable shoes! It seems to be more of a preference, they'll still walk down the street with you in wedges. My hubby doesn't understand half the things I wear, but he supports my looks.

Janeese 28.4.11  

I love my wedges and I could care less what men have tosay

Shydel 28.4.11  

Whack wedges!

Anonymous 28.4.11  

wedges equal the ugliest shoes to grace the earth besides flats

Karla 28.4.11  

They don't like wedges but I bet they like stripper heels!

Anonymous 3.6.12  

I saw 2 chicks wearing wedges today and thought those are ugly shoes wonder why they wear them -- so I google lol. To those that say it's hard to wear high heels, wear sandals or normal shoes; those are much better than these wedges that looks like large pieces of brick that somehow had stuck to your feet -- looks very out of place.