Misha Files: 5 Things I did this weekend

1. Watched the Boston Celtics sweep the New York Knicks like I knew they would. I love it when I'm right. And yes, I'm a basketball watching chick.

2. Reread issues of the now defunct Suede Magazine. Remember them?  Pristina of XBubble reminded me of how cool the magazine was. Good thing I'm a hoarder and keep old magazines. I'm working on the hoarding part of my life. Eeek.
Suede Magazine
3. Attended a Lupe Fiasco concert at the Roseland Ballroom on Sunday. Good show, great company. Fun times. 
Lupe Fiasco at Roseland Ballroom
4. Listened to a few Dee Dee Sharp records with my dad. I knew of a few of the songs we listened to but I didn't know who sang them.  I can always count on my dad to introduce me to music/artists of the past that I can appreciate.
5. Redid my Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Electric Shock, a neon yellow.
How was your weekend? Did you discover anything new? Do anything fun?


Looking Fly on a Dime 25.4.11  

Ah, Suede. May she rest in peace. I remember the mag coming out my senior year of college. I was so hopeful...and then they folded. I still have the final issue with Tyra on the cover :)

Eclechick 25.4.11  

I watched the Celtics sweep the Knicks too! Go Celtics!! Looks like someone is falling hard for those Sally Hansen Polish Strips... :)

Shane 28.4.11  

I wanted to go to see lupe

Juanette 29.4.11  

Awwww man, I remember Suede, I liked that mag! I am missing an issue, I have tried to find it but to no avail....