It's Coat Check Time!
My Fall/Winter Outerwear Options

coat check
Temperatures have started to dip into 50-degree territory. This only means that the chill is in the air and the need for a jacket and coat will continue to increase. Yes fab chicks, it’s coat check time!

I hate the cold weather, but boy do I love a great jacket/coat. Next to buying boots for fall, I’m borderline obsessed with buying jackets and coats. I can’t help myself. I love a great over coat.

This season there are a few styles I’m looking to add to my vast outerwear selection. Check out the top 4 coat styles I'm eyeing for this fall/winter:

The Anorak
Topshop $170, Free People $248, Cheap Monday $180

I love the anorak for its simplicity and functionality. It's the perfect style for my uber-casual weekend jeans and combat boots while also adding a cool downtown twist to my daily girlie and flirty outfits. And, if I should ever decide to go camping one of these days, this style will be perfect.
The Cape
Topshop $160, French Connection $358, Cynthia Steffe $475

Last fall as a gift I received a cool cape that I didn’t wear too often. Well this year I'll be giving it ample face time. Capes are great layering pieces. I like to layer my cape with a leather jacket underneath. The leather sleeves that poke out from underneath the cape creates a cool factor and adds a bit of an edge element to the somewhat old English style.
The Shearling
Aqua $198, BCBG $313.60, Muubaa $674

I want a shearling bomber jacket! As it gets cold, this outwear style will give you that sleek leather jacket feel while maintaining more of a warmth factor. I'm definitely in search of the perfect cropped jacket that will allow me to channel my inner aviator.
The Military Coat
French Connection $368, Yoana Baraschi $438, Elie Tahari $475

Everyone knows I’m obsessed with the military trend this season. So this season I’m looking to add a military style coat to my collection. Designers have created many fab military style options reminiscent of the cold war that are tailored and offer a great alternative to the usual pea coat.

Have you performed your coat check for the fall/winter season yet? What styles are you looking to add to your wardrobe?


socialitedreams 12.10.10  

i just added a super cute shearling coat from NY and Company! I want a faux fur for winter and I'll be set :D The military trend is super inspiring too though, may need one ;)


K.W. 12.10.10  

I've got a bright royal blue DKNY cape coat and a grey H&M military style coat. I'd like to add a shearling to my mix, but I've put myself on a shopping hiatus unless it's for my new place.

Eclechick 12.10.10  

I'm definitely into the shearling style and I want to try the cape look. I'll definitely try your idea of wearing leather underneath!

Unknown 13.10.10  

I definitely need a cape in my life. they wre my favorite when i was a little girl. i loved my crocheted cape (remember those? lol)