OPÉ's Fashion Week Tweet-up

With all the randomness we all tweet daily, every now and then you come across a good meaningful quote or words of wisdom that somehow just brightens your day, adds a little pep to your step, or keeps your eyes steadfast on your life dreams. I must say following @opethestylist on twitter has definitely done that for me a time or two.

As New York Fashion Week kicked off, the Wednesday before, Opé hosted a Fashion Week tweet-up where she encouraged fashion enthusiasts to come out to network. Although I couldn't stay long, I was happy to attend. I not only got to met her and all her fabulousness, but a few other awesome fab chicks I've tweeted with and will be tweeting with.

@thefatandskinny, me & @kaileeinthecity

@opethestylist & @funkyfannys

me & @ivvalentine
Here's a funny little story about @Ivvalentine who I know as Lauren. We used to work together at Sephora as product consultants way back in the day when we were forced to wear red lipstick all the time. Way before Twitter and @ThisThatBeauty came along and made the red lip something we all want to achieve everyday. *Laughs* She was the first one to show me that I could actually wear a red lip and look good.

We won't say exactly how far back that was, but it's been something like 10 years. Ouch! Shhhh. Now she's an uber-talented make-up artist and we've been reunited!

Yay Twitter for constantly connecting me to great people. Remember my first tweet-up? Reminisce with me here.


Fashionably Black 23.9.10  

Looks like all you fab ladies had loads of fun! I love the layout of your blog!


kailee 25.9.10  

I had a lot of fun!!!! Fabulous meeting you.