A Fab Chick's Un-Fab Moment
My Sandal Flipped & Flopped

Last night as I exited the Hudson Hotel on W 58th Street and said my goodbyes to a friend, I made my way to the station to hop on a downtown C train. Remembering I needed to add some money to my metro card, I swiftly walked in the sweltering subway heat to the machine to add a few dollars. And then it happened. Grrrrr!

My beloved Corso Como sandals popped. I mean they just broke, leaving me wanting to stand there in the Columbus Circle station shedding tears.
I just got them this summer! They weren’t exactly $20! This shouldn’t have happened! Sigh.

After a bunch of obscenities filled my brain, my immediate thought was "What am I going to do now?” Ugh! I stood there for a quick moment thinking:

Can I make it to my car like this?
Did I miraculous pack a pair of flip-flops in this huge bag?
Maybe Idris Elba will by chance walk in my direction, see me in my time of need and offer to carry me all the way home?

Ok the latter was just wishful thinking, but all of the above was an absolute negative.

Feeling so ever stupid and un-fab chick-like, (yes I just made that up), I hopped strategically in my mini dress to The Shops at Columbus Circle. I couldn’t help but to feel everyone was looking and laughing at me.

First store I saw, Bebe.

Praying they would have an inexpensive pair of sandals or flip-flops, I dragged my way into the store.

Fingers physically crossed and holding back tears, (I'm a bit dramatic sometimes) I explained my situation to the cashier and prayed she could help me.

She laughed. This chick laughed at me. As I looked at her with my infamous screw face, she settled my anger and said I was the third person today with the same dilemma. Sheesh. I guess I would laugh too if I was her.

She handed me these.
I had to spend $28 despite not wanting to on a pair of Bebe flip-flops. Lord only knows, the thought of walking and my feet touching the NYC ground would be enough to make me go to the hospital to check for diseases and infections that same night. I guess it was $28 well spent. Not. Whatever.
I should be happy and appreciative that they still had flip-flops in stock as the store was filled with fall merchandise and rightfully so. After all, we are on the cusp of the fall season.

Sigh. I guess as summer comes to an end, so has the road for my summer favorite and most comfortable pair of flat sandals.

Perhaps I can have them fixed? Hmmm. I will be finding out. Stay tuned.

Have any of you ever been caught in an un-fab situation like mine? Tell me about a wardrobe malfunction that made you feel un-fab chick-like. I’m curious to know how you handled it.


LaTonya 1.9.10  

OMG!! That is crazy! The same thing happened to me last Saturday!! I had on a long maxi dress so I threw on a pair of my thong flip flops from New York and Co. They were super cheap but I love them. Anyway, I had a makeup appointment with a new model client. I rarely drive to my makeup appts but I did this time..thank god. I parked near this ladder and so it was hard for me to open my back door to get my huge makeup kit out. I slipped a bit and then noticed when i was on the sidewalk that i could not get my balance. I looked down and my flip flop was completely broken. I freaked out and had only minutes to spare to my appointment. I prayed quickly that I had a spare pair in my trunk and I did!! I don't know what I would have done if i didn't find a spare pair!!

Frugal Flirty N Fab 1.9.10  

I've had many moments like yours and have learned that not all is fair in luv and fashion.....Either way you're still Fab!:-)

Gigi 1.9.10  

Girl I think I would have gone into hysterics since I'm a huge germophobe. I normally always have a light sweater or something on me because I'm always cold so I think I would've taken it and wrapped my foot in it to avoid any NYC germs and then make my way to purchase a pair of flip flops like you did. I can only imagine how you felt....but like the previous person said you are still one bad fab chick. :)