I said yes to WHITE After Labor Day!

No white after Labor Day?

Well, guess what? Tuesday September 7th, a full day after Labor Day I wore, you guessed it, white pants. I woke up in the morning, grabbed my white pants which are more on the off-white side and said to myself, to hell with the old fashion rule.

I consider white after Labor Day to be very acceptable. I say, wear your white as long as you want. But I would encourage you to put away all your white garments that are of spring/summer-like fabrics. Perfect example would be linen fabrics.

White after Labor Day works best in heavier fabrics like denim and gabardine.

So be brave, ditch the after Labor Day rules and keep wearing your white if you want.


TheSeventhDistrict 8.9.10  

I totally agree with you! I just wrote a similar post! Who follows that rule anyway?! lol Cute look ;)

Eclechick 8.9.10  

I think people only follow that rule because of tradition. If someone would've said no black after winter a long time ago people would be looking at us sideways for wearing it in the spring and summer :) I say wear what you want...besides people do that anyway!

Kerissa 12.9.10  

I stopped following that rule when I moved to South Florida. I don't break out fall/winter wear until later than those of you who live in locations that actually experience seasons. Lucky me!