The Fab Chick Prepares for New York Fashion Week S/S 2011

As everyone prepares for fashion week by strategically playing their outfits, I'm figuring out how I’m going to survive every for the week. See, this fab chick ship is a one-man operation, or should I say one-chick operation. That being said, scheduling and choosing which shows and different events to attend is a major task.

The moment my credentials were approved is the moment I smile and sigh at the same time.

Where’s my assistant? Intern? Clone? Stunt double? Anybody?

See, I maintain a career in the fashion industry besides being a fashion blogger and I work over 8 hours a day Mon-Fri. And just like every other fashion company, we are very busy during this time of the year. We also show at the tents. So balancing my day-to-day life during this time of year is always a challenge.

But guess what? The more I complain to my friends about how tired I am and the amount of money I spend upgrading from grandes to venttis at Starbucks, nothing beats the excitement of New York Fashion Week. Nothing beats seeing designers' visions come to life and scoping out trends for the next season.

How do I ready myself for the hectic scheduling? I do a lot of praying for strength and drink loads of coffee and water. My Blackberry calendar and I become the best of friends. I get into the habit of constantly checking and inputting shows and events into my schedule.

I’ll survive.

This Spring 2011 season, I will be kicking off my New York Fashion Week with the IFB Evolving Influence Fashion Bloggers conference, which I’m really looking forward to attending.
There are some great guest speakers scheduled. And the rest will be history.

Want to know which show I’ll be attending? Want to know how will I survive it all? Come along for the ride as I cover all that I can get my hands on this Fashion Week.

PS. See you all for Fashion’s Night Out!


Anonymous 2.9.10  

Always wanted to go to a fashion week event. One day.
lol. Have fun and a chai latte. they are the business.