The Romper Makes Its Debut
I Wore It!!!

Remember the famous romper I’ve been trying to wear all summer? Remember how I expressed the challenge of keeping this garment on and actually leaving the house while wearing it? Did you forget that quickly? Well, let’s revisit here.

I have good news to share with you all. I’ve finally put that romper on and left my apartment without turning back to change. Yes, my Nanette Lepore romper has made its debut.

Yay! My summer challenge has successfully been completed.

To celebrate a dear friend’s 32nd birthday at a backyard bash, I decided to pull out my romper. I said to myself, “Misha this is your last chance to wear this thing.” It really wasn’t, but I had to psych myself up.

I succeeded and this was the end result.
Now, if only I can finally wear a pair of American Apparel slashed leggings I bought last year as well. I’m not a chick that normally wears leggings; so leaving out the house with these definitely poses a challenge.
Hmmm. I hear another end of summer challenge, don’t you? I’m up for it, although for this one I might have just been defeated when I bought them.

Stay tuned to see what happens with these leggings.


Eclechick 30.8.10  

FINALLY!! :-) I love how you put the cardigan with it!!

Unknown 2.9.10  

LOL you finally wore it!! It looks FAB!! I like all the pieces you put with it, especially the shoes. You look good mama!