Get Gorgeous with Color by Cynde Watson

When you’re a fab chick on the go like myself, you are always looking for new ways to multi-task and add more time to your busy schedule. I wake up at 6am and I’m not back home until around 11pm with little down time in the middle of the day. To keep my look fresh, I carry a few must have make-up compacts and products in my bag. Hey, a chick’s got to keep it fab you know.

But I’m that bag lady that needs to pack light. I’m constantly looking for ways to lighten my load. I figure ridding myself of my cosmetic bag would indeed help, but we know that’s not happening. But adding a few Color by Cynde Watson products just may offer some relief. Check out why.

Yesterday, I went to the lower east side to the Georgia NY salon where they hosted a Get Gorgeous event celebrating the launch of celebrity make-up artist Cynde Watson’s cosmetic line of pencils. I had to learn more about these simple pencils I’ve been hearing so much about.

There’s nothing like testing out a product first hand, so I grabbed a make-up artist to learn some product knowledge and of course test out what Color has to offer me.

Make-up Artist Kris getting her make-up done

The line is filled with easy to use dual action products, giving you multi-functional use in one. How about that for reducing space in your make-up bag? The pencils, which are also space saving, offer many different uses.

Here are a few of the products:

(L to R) Precious Eye Color Pencil, Corrector and Concealer, Foundation Cover & Blend Full Cover Pencil

I loved the Precious Eye Color Pencil, especially in Jade/Gold. The application is smooth and creamy, not rough like many pencils can be. This was used on my eyes. Also the Bronze and Glow pencil was used on my cheeks and lips to show the multi-functional power in one.

Just me!

I recommend giving Color by Cynde Watson a try, especially if you are looking to add some multi-tasking products to your cosmetic bag. Log on to or head over to Georgia NY where the products are exclusively sold to make a purchase.

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Gigi 27.8.10  

Love the colors on you Misha! If and when I ever make it to Georgia NY I know I will do some serious damage - the store looks like every girl's dream.

TheFabChick 27.8.10  

Thanks chica! I loved that eye pencil! Yes the store has a lot of great products. Everything I use is there. lol

Mischo Beauty 28.8.10  

Love the coverage, girly! Great post! :)

cyndewatson 29.8.10  

Thanks for the AMAZING post! It was great having you at the event. Enjoy your products! All CBCW products will be available at Georgia NY Salon & Boutique Sept 15,2010