Beauty Influencer Event
w/ Dr. Jeannette Graf

Wednesday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking an elevator to the 30th floor of The Metropolitan Club to a chic outside terrace overlooking a gorgeous view of NYC. As awesome as the view was, I wasn’t there to take in the sights. I was there to attend a Beauty Influencer Event with guest speaker Dr. Jeannette Graf, sponsored and presented by Genevieve Santos of Goregous on the go and Karen Oliver and Associates.
As many beauty-affiliated bloggers weathered the evening heat, we all were eager to get the beauty 411 from the top mainstream dermatologist in media. Who better to get tips from then the number one source?
Dr. Jeanette Graf opened by asking us all, “Are you happy with the way you look? “

Hmm. Well are you?

I don’t recall hearing too many yays from the crowd.

I was even silent.

In that very moment, I began to really ask myself the question:

Am I happy with the way that I look?

Sort of. But I don't really like these laugh lines forming. And I could stand to get rid of this wrinkle by my right eye. And the puffiness under my eyes has to go.

On and on I went in my head. Okay I know I’m being a bit dramatic.

Dr. Graf then began to go more in depth about energy being the main component in how beautiful we are and feel. She stressed the importance of correcting the inside, which will then have a positive affect on the outside. Makes any sense?

Let’s me explain just a bit.

We eat to receive nutrients that give our bodies energy. When we are putting the right foods into our bodies, the results are then high energy and glowing skin. Who wouldn’t agree that having glowing skin isn’t beautiful?

Dr. Graf also informed us of how important having a balanced body pH of 7.4 was to achieving beauty from the inside out. We were all given a tiny box of pH strips to test ourselves. Can you just say nervous?

Sigh. We won’t discuss my pH number at this time. Let’s just say, now I know why I’m always so tired and constantly reloading my Starbucks rewards card. Grrrr.

Needless to say, I will definitely be working on increasing my pH number, 7.4 here I come!

Before dispersing, we were all given and encouraged to take Dr. Graf’s Skin Care Challenge, a two-week based pH diet outlined in her book Stop Aging, Start Living.

Here’s an insert from the book detailing the challenge:

click on image to enlarge

So who’s going to join me on this crusade in gaining beautiful, glowing skin and an abundance of energy beyond belief? Come on guys! Make-up is not the answer to glowing skin. We must start the make over process from within.

Stay tuned as I prepare to take Dr. Graf’s challenge. Prayers please. Hopefully some of you will be doing it with me. If you are, let me know.

Now for a bit of fab fashion.

What trend did I spy? Statement necklaces. I got glimpse of a few fab chicks in attendance sporting the fab trend. I must say they all pulled it off fabulously!

Shaunequa, Temple of Glam & Shayna D, Media Maven

Karen Oliver, Karen Oliver & Associates & Allyson, She-blogs

Sidebar: Karen Oliver shared with me an awesome story about her vintage necklaces. She was wearing a mixed of vintage Chanel she inherited with other rare vintage finds. Catch me one day and I'll tell you her great story about her vintage Chanel collection.

The necklace Allyson is wearing is actually her own creation. She not only blogs, but she's a jewelry designer!

Raffle Winner, Bree of ImSoHollywood

Shaunequa, Temple of Glam, Me, & Mellissa, Osochic

See more pics from the event here.


O So Chic ! 6.8.10  

I tested my pH level in the privacy of my home the next day. Not good at all. Must. Do. Better. I think I may take up the challenge as well. -Melissa