Butter LONDON Manicure w/ TJ!

My mom always says you can tell a lot about a woman and how she takes care of herself by looking at her hands.

Last week I looked down at mine and realized that I wasn’t giving an accurate representation of myself. Lord knows I’ve been hiding them and praying to not be judged solely on the unfabness of my hands.

So what did I do? I scheduled some time with TJ.

Remember him? He gave me that awesome GingerandLiz polished manicure. Still don’t remember? Revisit here to jog your memory.

Yesterday afternoon I packed up, hopped on the subway and ran to meet TJ at the Ryan Darius Salon, a chic and quaint hair studio on W12th Street. Get this, the Ryan Darius Salon happens to be the only NYC salon offering Butter LONDON manicures and retail of the nail polishes. Score!

TJ came to the rescue to breathe life into my tattered fingertips. Finally my hands will represent one of a fab chick. Yay!

While we chatted about what goes on backstage during fashion week, our love for Vogue magazine and Alicia Keys’ new nuptials, TJ went to work on my nails.

I noticed he was using a cloudy white substance on my cuticles that removed all the buildup that made my nails look horrible. My cuticles just seemed to disappear. It was a ‘now you see cuticles, now you don’t’ sort of thing. Interesting right?

Ok, what is this stuff?
It’s Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator by Butter LONDON. It’s a must have for all you fab chicks that do your own manicures at home! We all know cutting the cuticle is bad business, which can leave our fingers susceptible to infections. This magic potion melts and breaks down the dead skin that creates the dreaded cuticle buildup that we all hate.

Awesome right?

TJ then gave me a great hand message with Butter LONDON’s Green Tea Hand & Nail Crème that promotes revitalization to the skin. Let me tell you, my hands needed some major rejuvenation.
Now for the fun part, the color! With fall steadily approaching, TJ had me test drive one of Butter LONDON’s fall colors, Marrow. It’s a deep plum purple shade. Perfect for fall!
Great pick TJ! This definitely will be a contender for my go to nail color for the upcoming fall season.
Be sure to check out all of Butter LONDON’s natural based products and nail lacquers. There are some hot colors taken straight from the runways of Fall 2010. Read all about the new collection as TJ dishes the story behind the autumn colors here.

Don’t forget to check out TJ over at Nonsociety.com. He’s loads of fun, tells it like it is and gives a mean mani!

Have you tried any of Butter LONDON's polishes or products?


Melany 3.8.10  

Good for you & your day of pampering!

I would looove to try Butter London products.