Wear What Fits
Get rid of what doesn't!

Just last week I shared with you all my experience of getting measured for Levi’s new Curve ID Jeans. Did you miss it?

Well you’re in luck, you can revisit here for the scoop. But if you didn’t, you may remember how I fell in love with the Bold pair I walked away with. I also encouraged you all to go and get measured for your Curve ID.

Did any of you do that? If you didn’t, you’re in luck.

Check this out.

This Friday, September 27th, Levi’s® is giving away 1000 pairs of Curve ID jeans to women who attend the “Wear What Fits” event at Bryant Park in NYC. This sounds pretty cool if you ask me, considering I love the fit of my new Levi’s® jeans.

You’re probably wondering what the catch is, right?

Well, all you have to do is bring something that no longer fits into your current life. For example, a lying friend, a lazy boyfriend, that dress with the tear in the back that you love but can’t seem to get fixed, CDs that remind you of a break-up, or a simple pair of pants you can no longer fasten shut.

Bring any one of those things, donate it and you will receive a free pair of custom fit Curve ID jeans. Your donated items will be given to Goodwill, so it’s also for a worthy cause.

On top of possibly receiving a free pair of Curve ID jeans, you will have the chance to check out a performance by fab chick and singer, Janelle Monae, another great reason to check out this event. I loved her album, didn’t you?

And for those of you in need of fashion tips and/or have questions, style editor and TV personality Bobbie Thomas will be there to answer those burning questions.

I suggest you all venture over to Bryant Park with your donated item that no longer fits and get ready for some fun this Friday, starting at 10am.

Hey, you might see me there.