And it's over! 2010 that is!

As I chuck the deuces to 2010 and reflect on all the accomplishments and mishaps of this past year, I embrace the New Year and welcome some much needed change in my life.

While everyone is jotting down resolutions and sharing them, I will be having a meeting with myself. Something I do often thoughout the year anyway. Simple. Some me time with my thoughts of self improvements and a plan of action. That’s it.

But I will share one.

I resolve in 2011 and for the rest of my life going forward to just relax, take more deep breaths, acknowledge all that I’ve been blessed with and live life with a huge smile on my face. This means, there much fun to be had! Let’s go!

Happy New Year everyone!



Kerissa 31.12.10  

Happy New Year! Looking forward to becoming your assistant in 2011 =0)

Eclechick 4.1.11  

Happy New Year doll!!

Gigi 7.1.11  

Wishing you a great 2011!