It's Cold Outside...It's Cold Inside!
Stay Warm in the Office

Ugh!! It's freezing in my office! Where is the heat? It's winter for goodness sake! Ok, not officially but the temperatures say otherwise, wouldn't you agree?

I mean seriously, how am I suppose to be fab and productive at the same time? God forbid the building manager catches me with this space heater I have on blast hidden under my desk. They must don't realize that cold fingers can't move too fast.

The Fab Chick Keeps warm in office
Looks like I need to pull out my favorite fingerless gloves and arm warmers so I can get some work done. Fingerless gloves are definitely an office fab chick must have this season. I'm thinking it would be wise to keep a pair stashed away in your drawer if your office is as cold as mine.
The Fab Chick Fab and warm in the office
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Another office fab chick must-have would be a cozy, slouchy knit cardigan. I say keep one in a neutral color on the back of your chair to throw on when the temperatures dip severely. You'll be able to throw it on over just about anything while you're working at your desk.
The Fab Chick Fab and warm in the office

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How will you be staying warm in your office at work?


Adrana & Shayla 7.12.10  
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Adrana & Shayla 7.12.10  

Like you, I have a space heater under my desk and I keep a black sweater on my's freezing year round in my office.

charli 7.12.10  

You look Fab! Great post. Thanks.

Pristina 7.12.10  

Misha, I love that sweater you have on and that beanie! Lolz @ " how am I suppose to be fab and productive at the same time?" I always wondered why even the safest of space heaters were never allowed.

Faces by Tamara 7.12.10  

The gloves you're wearing are haute!

Anonymous 8.12.10  

What color polish are you wearing?

Misha 8.12.10  

@Adrana & Shayla - we're on the same page lol

@charli - thank you! :-)

@Pristina - thank you miss... i'm saying, they be trying to freeze me to death...well everyone having space heaters trips out the circuit, too much current flowing at one time i guess.

@Tamara - Thank you!! they're betsey johnson, got them last year. i love them!

@TSM09 the polish is Nicole by OPI Fell from the's perfect for xmas...

Eclechick 9.12.10  

Misha, Misha. I have a space heater too under my desk too!! I never thought of fingerless gloves for the office, thanks to you, I will be purchasing a pair ASAP!! You look FABULOUS in the picture. :)

Caroline 14.12.10  

It's insane out there, isn't it?? I love my fingerless gloves .. though I think it's cruel to keep an office cold enough to have to use them :)