Goodbye Fall...Hello Winter!!

Today officially marks the first day of winter. Burrrr. Grrrr. Ugh.

Yes, I'm not a fan of old man winter. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the cold air, I was actually born during the frigid temperatures of this dreaded season. But when that white stuff starts to fall from the sky in the form of snow, I become filled with all sorts of anxiety. I hate it.

There's just nothing fab about snow to me. I mean it piles up on the sidewalks, makes it difficult to drive around, turns a nasty gray and black color, causes back pain from shoveling it, and keeps you in snow boots and galoshes for days and weeks on end.

Sigh. Oh well. Until spring comes rolling back around, goodbye beautiful fall foliage. You will be missed.

Photos taken by Andre King.


Faces by Tamara 21.12.10  

Certified FAB. I love everything about this look!

Gigi 21.12.10  

Look at You! Work it! :-)

Living Fly on a Dime 21.12.10  

2 snaps in a Fab formation! Too cute...and I'm gonna need that ring asap. Thanks in advance :)

Mae 21.12.10  

Absolutely love this look! Those thigh high socks need to be in my life lol

Alissa 21.12.10  

THis look freaking rocks. I was not a fan of socks and shoes, but, you got a sister thinking twice. Work!

Channing Hargrove 22.12.10  

I love everything about this outfit!

GlitteryGlitz 22.12.10  


Pristina 23.12.10  

True fab chick right here. Nice animal print and pop of green. These photos are beautiful girl :-)

Anonymous 23.12.10  

Very Nice! FAB, FAB, FAB!


Kerissa 23.12.10  

Uhhhhmazing pics!!! We both know I need those shorts in my life pronto, lolol. I must sign off & revise my Christmas list to include someday meeting you to become certified fantabulous =0)

Eclechick 24.12.10  

The outfit is great. I espeically love the clog inspired pumps.

JessieADORE 24.12.10  

this look is soooo beyond!