Give These to Her This Holiday:
Fab Gifts For A Fab Chick

The Fab Chick Holiday 2010 Gift Guide
The best part of the holiday season is giving right? Right! So here are a few fab chick approved gift ideas. Having already purchased over 1/3 of this list, if you're looking for gift ideas for me, the Golden Girls Complete Series is a good one. Hint. Hint.

1. Waring WO50 Rechargeable Wine Opener $40
2. NARS Follow The Boys Lip Gloss Set $40
3. NIXON The Time Teller P Watch $60
4. Lifetime Fondue Set $30
5. MARC BY Marc Jacobs Jumble Logo Neoprene Laptop Sleeve $48
6. Decoded by Jay-Z $35
7. The Golden Girls DVD The Complete Series (Seasons 1-7) $120
8. John Wind Maximal Art Charm Bracelet Enhancer $28
9. Ginger+Liz Holiday Limited Edition Nail Lacquer $12
10. A.OK Fressia Candle $38
11. Dolce & Gabbanna The One Gift Set $75
12. Merle O'Grady Gold Spike Ring $245
13. Starbucks Gift Card $$
14. Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy $14
15. Topshop Knitted Shrug Cardigan $80


BeautyXchange 6.12.10  

I'd like #9, 10, and 11. I will be sending you my mailing address shortly :)~

Kerissa 7.12.10  

I'll take #s 2, 10, 11, 14, 15! If needed a few can wait until January for the birthday. How is Kayne's cd IYHO?

Addikted2Fashion 7.12.10  

Don't even get me started on that Golden Girls Collection.... ohh man!!

Misha 7.12.10  

@Addikted! Girl you know we love us some Golden Girls! :-)

Misha 7.12.10  

@diva mom, not sure what IYHO means but I love it! Definitely worth having in the collection. :-)

misha 7.12.10  

@BeautyXchange hahaha, how about you send Santa over to check out the list. lol! :-)

STyle SHepherd 9.12.10  

What a great list! Awww... the Golden Girls! Love that show! ... and you know how much I love John Wind Jewelry! Thanks, Misha, now I'll have to add more things to my already growing shopping list.

TheSeventhDistrict 9.12.10  

Your holiday guide is FAB! As expected. I'm gonna get that NARS gloss set for myself!

Ruth G. 9.12.10  

If you love John Wind's jewelry, check out our website: We carry many of his charms at great prices! Love your gift suggestions!