Why Can't I Wear This?
My End of Summer Challenge

Since last summer I’ve been trying to wear this particular romper.

Of all the rompers I own, three to be exact, this one poses a real challenge for me. I don't know what it is about this romper. Every time I put this onsie on I end up taking it off, reworking my whole look completely.

I have been contemplating giving it away. I mean the tags are still on it and like I said before, I’ve had it since last summer. My rule is, if it’s hard to wear, you should not hold on to it. Well, that’s what I tell and encourage others to do. Whether I follow that advice is another story.

But how can I give it away? I love how I look in it. There’s just something about this garment that will not let me walk out the house with it on my body.

Friday night as I got ready for a night of drinks and fun with my friend, I told myself that I was going to wear this romper. I just have to.

Guess what? I failed. I didn’t wear it. I put it on three different times and to no avail I ended up wearing something else. This. Grrrr.

What is it about this romper that won’t stay on my body?

I don’t know but I’m challenging myself. I will wear this romper finally before the end of summer 2010. I. Must. Wear. It!

Stay tuned to see if I ever get this romper to make its debut outside.


StyleSaveur 16.8.10  

You're not alone ... I have a few items in my coset that I take out, try on and never end up wearing. I always say I will and then years later wind up donating it with the tags still on. Hopefully you can break the cycle.

Regardless, LOVE the outfit you ended up in. The shoes are fierce! Don't know if I could wear something that high.

Mz. More 16.8.10  

I love the romper but the outfit that you ended up wearing is still absolutely fab. Go girl!

Kimberly 16.8.10  

Both are very cute! I agree that the second look was very fabulous! This is so funny, I am in the same situation, I've only worn my romper twice this summer! Oh well, we make sacrifices for fashion...

MSMAC 17.8.10  

I have faith in the romper! It screams(ok-well on the hanger it's whispering)ROCKSTAR!(channel your inner Rihanna...lol) I'm rooting for you (with it's help of course) to "deebo" yet another event. WORK!!!