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Although many of us are actively involved in the shift and transition of media today, there still lies a special place in my heart for a large picturesque paper bound book. Yes, I’m referring to a magazine.

When it comes to fall magazines, fashion lovers either gravitate toward newsstands or stalk their mailboxes, waiting for their favorite September issues to be released. I for one am guilty.
Fashion Mags

This is the issue that is usually chock full of fashion fab-ness, the one we love to sit, sip and flip through.

Jones Magazine, a baby in the print game is no exception.

Although the magazine is new and is only issued four times a year, they’ve set out to bring lovers of print, a fantastic fall issue loaded with great fashion, useful trend reports, new products to try out and exotic places to visit.

Yesterday Jones’ editor-in-chief and fab chick Tracey Ferguson, along with her awesome team, hosted a mixer for bloggers to catch a glimpse and sneak peak of the fall issue.

A pairing of wine and snacks were served making me a happy fab chick, but when I realized that make-up was also in the mix, my heart did back flips. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was there to give mini makeovers. I can't wait to try out the Lip Tar in Vintage that was gifted to us.
As we all poured into the downtown office group by group, we were given a virtual tour of the new issue and informed of all the great things happening at Jones Mag. Let me just say, the winter issue will be rocking!
But for now, the double cover fall feature with Sessilee Lopez and Anais Mali who will delivers! And no I’m not just saying that. The magazine is a fab chick approved guide to all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle of which I’m all about.

Even though mom and dad always warned me against it, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be keeping up with the Jones’.
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Will you?

Look out for Jones’ fall issue to hit newsstands. And be sure to head over to in the meantime to keep up.


TheSeventhDistrict 20.8.10  

I'm looking forward to JonesMag coming out. I'm hearing great things about the mag. I was so jealous reading all the tweets about the blogger event. Thanks posting this! Have a fab weekend!

Taina Etienne 20.8.10  

I admired Tracey since I started watching "Keeping up with the Joneses"! That's one fly chick! I'm mad I missed it yesterday...couldn't stay b/c I was late. :-(

Audrey...Miss Moon's Musings 20.8.10  

Aww man, where was I when they were having bloggers over? LOL

I wait patiently for the next issue to appear in my mailbox!

Christina 20.8.10  

Reminds me of my beloved Suede mags...sigh. I'm definitely looking out for this!

Neahle Izé 20.8.10  

I definitely wish I had been able to make it as I'm very interested in the magazine and its path forward ... and not just because my last name is Jones ;)

I'll definitely be on the lookout for the Fall issue.