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Blog Café 2.0

Wednesday afternoon Arie Rich of KMP Blog hosted her second annual Blog Café 2.0, a networking event 'Where Bloggers Meet Readers'. I love meeting new people, so Shydel of The Urbane Urbanite and I took a stroll over to Park Avenue's PS 450 to sip and chat with a few fellow bloggers.
with Shydel of The Urbane Urbanite


with Fit For Fashion & The Obsessionista

And get this. I won a raffle! Check out the target bag full of goodies that I scored!


Shydel 17.8.10  

Fun times at the Blog Cafe joint.

It's great to have a fellow blogger (and friend) to go to events with.

I've learned from you that to be a successful blogger, I've got to step out from behind my computer and press flesh with other folks in the community.

Can't wait till we GO IN during Fashion Night Out!

*Does the Sheeka Back Bend*