Platinum Release Party with Aliya S. King


Last week July 6th, Aliya S. King released her third book, first novel Platinum.

Since it’s release, I’ve been toting it in my bag, trying to find time in between my commute to read the juicy and entertaining story. And boy is it a page-turner.
A full week later and some of NYC’s tastemaker, movers, and shakers gathered at Bo Concepts on Madison Ave. to celebrate Platinum’s book launch.

(WireImage) Aliya King, Bevy Smith & Tashera Simmons, Aliya King, Mashonda Tifrere

The guest list only event was fab from start to finish, as if I expected anything less from Aliya. Remember I told you guys she was a fab chick, even if she refuses to see herself as such. Check out our little chat here if you missed it.
With Hennessy Black and Touchstones Books sponsoring the event I knew it would be an awesome night of great cocktails with some great people. I love catching up with my friends!
And let me not forget to mention the Platinum themed red velvet cupcakes for a minute.
To die for!
Now I have to discuss how fab Aliya looked. She gave me cute and edgy. All day yesterday she mauled over her look, but I assured her she would be fine. With a few fashion tips and suggestions I was able to give her, she looked great!

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I immediately gave her the thumbs up as soon as I was able to grab her for a mere mili-second. Everyone wanted a piece of Aliya for the night. But when you are a fab chick, that’s what happens.

I’m so proud of Aliya S. King! And if you don’t have Platinum, you need to go pick it up! Now!


Living Fly on a Dime 13.7.10  

I loved Aliya's look and had such a great time at the party. But I'm mad I didn't get a cupcake!

Tim 15.7.10  

I'm going to get this book, because I heard more than one person talking about this.

Cheryl 15.7.10  

I went and got it!! Love it so far!!