ON MY RADAR | Stripe Skirts

PhotobucketYea, yea, yea. Stripes are a huge trend this spring. Everyone's loving the linear print as it shows up on everything. Even I expressed a slight infatuation for stripes here, remember?

Anywho. Ever since I grabbed this Torn by Ronny Kobo striped mini at the Ferality Show Boutique, now Blake Scotland on the LES, my radar has been picking up striped skirts everywhere.

Here are six I have in my cross hairs now. I. MUST. Have them all. Ok, maybe at least two out three will end up in my closet in the very near future. I'm on a budget.

PS: Mus by Mali Ro has a dope multi-colored stripe mini coming soon for her next collection. I. Need. It. You will too. Be on the look out for it! Follow her on twitter for updates here.

stripe skirts
(l to r:) Sammy B $50, A.L.C $295, Robert Rodriguez $198

stripe skirts
(l to r:) Free People $78, Sparkle & Fade $49, Velvet $107


Frugal Flirty N Fab 10.5.11  

Super cute and definitely on my list of must have items!

O So Chic 11.5.11  

Me likey! We're definitely on the same wavelength. I bought 4 stripe skirts last week. Fiend much? lol

-- Melanie

Eclechick 15.5.11  

First and foremost; did you redesign your site? I love it! Okay, like you I think I'm obsessed with stripes. I haven't tried a striped skirt yet, but will definitely do so no. I've been eyeing the A.L.C. options for a while now and I think I'm going to take the plunge, with the help of your subtle nudge.

Kerissa 16.5.11  

Stripes! and you look Fabulous Xs 10 in that photo. I own one black and white striped skirt I'm still pondering how to style (thanks for the idea) but I'd love another in one of these colors.

Anonymous 24.5.11  

from a guys perspective these skirts are always a win for women, keep putting them up on game fab chick!