WATCH THIS | Milk & Honey Web Series : Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
Last month, the Idris Elba executive produced web series Milk + Honey made its cyber debut. (Elba was featured on the November cover of Essence, which also includes a blurb of yours turly). The online series follows the adventures of a group of women trying to balance life, love and career - a struggle many of us can relate to.

With a bit of time on my hands I’ve been able to catch up and watch both episodes 1 and 2. I appreciate the show’s willingness to create a voice not often seen on television for young African American women. Although I wish the episodes were a tad bit longer, I will continue to support Milk + Honey to see just how both the characters and story lines develop.

Episode 1

Have you watched it yet? What are your thoughts on Milk & Honey?


Jules 24.11.11  

Am loving it ,but dey need to make it a little longer ,bu yep its my next net series am feeling it.I want more.

Kerissa 24.11.11  

I need to take the time while on break to watch these episodes. Just finished this issue of Essence and I was so happy to show my mom you and remind her of how we got the BFF necklaces :)

MotorCityMoxie 7.12.11  

I'm excited about this. I can't watch it now b/c I'm in the library w/o headphones. But I will soon. Thanks for sharing.