Misha Files|5 Things I did this weekend

1. Tried to drown out The Royal Wedding, but couldn't escape it even while picking up a few things at Target. Hmph! When is my royal wedding!?! Now that'll be news. Hmph! *laughs*


2. Said farewell to my mentee for a Sister 2 Sister program I joined last year. *sobs* It's such an awesome feeling to give back and become a mentor. I eagerly await this summer to do it all over again and continue to build a bond with her. She's definitely a young Fab Chick.

3. Attended The Elle Files Fashion Fete 2011 and played dress up in Samantha of OMO Writes' Tnemnroda Eyewear. I loved her “Shards of Glass" Ring too. I need one! Check them out here.
And I can't forget the amazing pieces from designer Shayla Cox. Check out her dope pieces here. I forgot to take a pic before leaving. Grrrrr.

4. Went to Terminal 5 to check out Clipse's performance. Drinks, music and good company always equals a great time for me. Here's one vid I caught of Clipse performing 'Grindin'.

5. Spent time with the parentals and began reading the music issue of ELLE.

What did you do, anything fun?


Jessica 2.5.11  

The Royal wedding is proving impossible to drown out! I tried to avoid posts on it, but I'm giving away rings on FashionIndie today, and the theme of the collection is "Impossible Princess" - let the references continue

Kerissa 4.5.11  

Those shades rock. What Royal wedding? Lol! I went home to share in the joy of my mom graduating from FSU. The drive was long though.