Nothing to do Friday Night?
Five Things to Maintain Your Fab-ness

Yay it’s finally Friday! The weekend is here but you have no fun plans in near site. Hell, you don’t see any plans in far sight. There’s no hot date to get super cute for and your BFFs ditched you for well, a hot date they managed to snag themselves. What’s a fab chick to do?

Instead of sulking in front of old episodes of Sex & The City or watching Love Jones while eating chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, I’ve come up with a couple of things you can do to maintain your fab-ness all while occupying your uneventful Friday night. Yea, ummm, I don’t do any of that. Ok maybe sometimes.

But here goes.

1. Catch-up on past posts right here on TheFabChick and leave a comment or two. Ok, I’m just kidding. Before heading home, pick up a new nail color you want to try and buy yourself a mini at-home manicure kit if you don’t already own on.

You have all night to take your time, let your nails dry completely and start over if need be. And if you do manage to make too many mistakes or not pleased with the job you did, at least you have Saturday morning to run to your manicurist to rectify the situation. I love how Sereeda of Eclechick used the coveted OPI Black Shatter Polish. Check out her review here.

2. Give your tresses a thorough washing. Treat your hair to a nourishing pre-shampoo and/or a really good deep conditioning. We should all know how important it is to not only wash our hair regularly, but to also nourish and offer our manes a little something extra at times. Check out Felicia of ThisThatBeauty's blog post about pre-shampooing here.

3. Give yourself an at-home mini facial. You have all the time to show your face a little extra TLC after a long work week. This will keep you glowing before you can get to your next spa appointment. So take out those cleansers, exfoliators, facial muds and masks and get to it.

By the way, you should already be cleansing, applying toner and moisturizing at least twice daily. If you are not at least doing that much, minus 10 fab points for you. Better catch up!
Check out Shaunequa of TempleofGlam's Blue Lagoon Silica mud mask giveaway. And see how Fab Chick Pristina of Xbubble take care of her awesome skin for some ideas of your own.

4. Clean out your closet. Spring is actually a couple days away. Get excited! Take this boring Friday night, cue your favorite iTunes play list and go through your closet editing pieces you haven’t worn for the past few seasons. I know I’m not the only one with items that will no longer see the light of day. Perform a closet inventory and gather items that can be donated to those less fortunate. You won't miss the clutter.

5. Create a vision board. Last but certainly not least, go through your piles of magazines for inspiration to create a vision board. Get started and put all the things you want in life onto a vision board and out into the universe. Check out Milly of BeautyLogic's blog post about following your dreams here. Good stuff.

Here's a video of everyone’s favorite Fab Chick Oprah discussing vision boards.

So with all that said, screw not having fun plans with your friends or a dude to take you out. Instead of sulking with the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack playing, cue up some of your favorite albums that make you feel good, turn the volume way up, crack open a bottle of something nice and pamper yourself a little. Spend some you time getting your closet together and creating a positive manifestion in your life. Come on Fab Chicks let’s go!


Mischo Beauty 23.3.11  

Love the post, girly! Bottom line is that there is always something to be done and it's about using your time wisely- as you demonstrated!