Decisions, Decisions...
Which Warby Parker frames shall I wear?

I’m in major need of a new pair of prescription frames and of course they need to be cool. So I took my quest over to Warby Parker. Their vintage inspired and fashion forward selection provided just what I was looking to purchase. The price including prescription lenses was just what my pockets were looking to spend. Score.
Now to decide on a pair I really love that will look fly and fab on me.

Warby Parker offers a great option of selecting up to five pairs of frames to try on at home for free of charge. Awesomeness right? That’s what I thought, so I selected five styles and now am faced with the task of choosing amongst these three. Decisions, decisions
Warby Parker
If you need a new pair of fab chick approved frames and are on a budget, Warby Parker is definitely worth checking out.


Beautyxchange 25.3.11  

cool. that's good to know. i'll be needing a new pair of prescription glasses too. i'm going to check them out. thanks chica!

Channing 29.3.11  

Oh! I love them all! You'll have to show us your decision.

Kerissa 9.4.11  

I would but you haven't seen my prescription. I can't see :( Really like the big superman looking ones. Can't wait to see what you get.