How I Stay Grounded & Fab...
My Casual Shoe Options

I've been asked numerous times, "How do you wear those heels all day, everyday?" I guess years of constant wear have given me a lot of practice. But the truth is, there are days when I just want to give the balls of my feet a break, be my natural 5 foot 3 inch height and stroll, not strut down the block.

Sneakers just aren't an option for those days. And ballet flats are just a little too sweet for my personal style. So I turn to shoe options much like this one. A desert-like boot.

the fab chick
They're perfect for channeling my inner tomboy and creating a cool menswear inspired look. If you haven't tried a desert boot, I say give it a try for a casual shoe option. They're great for transitional weather.

Alternatively, I also turn to one of last years' most coveted shoe styles, the oxford. With so many different options available, there's bound to be an oxford style for every Fab Chick regardless of personal style. I've found a few.

Next on my list, a cool pair of penny loafers reminiscent of the ones I was forced to wear as a little girl.

Just because you've decided to take the heels off for a day to come down from your "high" doesn't mean your fab-ness should be sacrificed. There's bound to be a cool casual shoe for you.
casual shoes options
(L to R) : Madewell $198, Osborn $148, Dolce Vita $88
Topshop $125, Ruche $55, Topshop $100
Topshop $135, Topshop $110, Pointer $210
MARC by Marc Jacobs $395, Jeffrey Campbell $110, Moschino Cheap and Chic $295
Zara $109, Timberland $75, Asos $63


Juanette 24.3.11  

cute alternative, I'm a heel girl too!