Out & About: Halloween 2010
I Got Dressed Up! Or did?

Me found on Essence.com

As a young fab chick, I was never allowed to dress up nor participate in Halloween festivities. There was no pumpkin picking, no costume shopping for and definitely no trick or treating; begging for candy as my dad would say. Oh well.

Last year I channeled my inner childhood and decided I would try to dress up. Well, actually I just bought an afro wig after looking at pictures of my mom from the 70's. I've always loved the way my mom dressed during that time. She was cool and definitely a fab chick. So I wanted to be her for Halloween. I figured it would be easy and could shop right from my closet.

Check me out from last year.
This year was no different. My soul was born in the 70's, it is an era I love. So it was only right to give my afro wig one more go around for The Block Association and The Brooklyn Circus’s 2nd Annual MONSTERS BALL.
I took to my closet again. I found a pair of purple leather bell bottom pants I bought YEARS ago and a crochet halter top never worn with tags still attached. I accessorize with a leather and fur jacket, a sequins beret for a bit of glamour and a Liz Claiborne bag from the 70's I found in my mom's old stash of clothes. I was ready to hit the Soul Train line. It was all about Love, Peace and Soullllllllllll for the night.
...and I even found my soul brotha

Was I convincing enough for you? I want to know and no jiving me. Did you dress up for Halloween and did you go out and buy a costume or did you recreate your costume from your closet.


Pristina 1.11.10  

Lolz cute Misha! and you went natural again for 1 night lolz

Misha 1.11.10  

Thanks Pristina!! lol!! yes I did go natural for one night didn't I? lol!!!

Caroline 1.11.10  

oh i love your costume ... but I think you could rock that look on a normal day:) I dressed as Madonna and most of it was already in my closet .. just needed a blond wig and some black jelly bracelets (which ended up being electrical wire I bought at the hardware store)

TheSeventhDistrict 1.11.10  

You nailed it Misha!!! and your makeup looks good! I'm not into halloween either so I re-created Beyonce's leopard print eyes from her kitty kat video, wore all black, with leopard pumps and went as a cat.

Living Fly on a Dime 1.11.10  

I love it. You definitely worked the look, no jiving! And I love how you pulled from your closet instead of dropping cash on a costume.

BeautyXchange 1.11.10  

You look Dy-no-mite! :-)