Cheap Thrills: Only a Buck!

Who says you can't find cute things on the street? Yes, times are hard, but not to worry, I haven't resorted to picking through the trash.

On my way home yesterday I saw a table with women scavenging and hovering around. As I peeked over, I noticed a man selling costume jewelry for cheap, $1 to be exact. I thought to myself, eh, this stuff is sure to be some plastic crap I don't need mixing in with my good stuff or adding more clutter to my life.

As I sifted through the retro looking pieces, I actually found five fun pairs of earrings that caught my eye. For a dollar, why not? So, I bought them. I definitely will be wiping them down with alcohol. Hey, you never know.

You just got to love NYC and the street vendor fab-ness that's always around.


beautyxchange 18.11.10  

Haha - I wipe down new earrings that I've purchased with alcohol too.

Kerissa 20.11.10  

I need to send you $10 that will be 5 pairs of earrings and shipping =0) I really like the gold ones!

Alissa 27.11.10  

Loving these earrings