She Got Next!
Who? Raeana Roberson

“Classics are meant to be Challenge” -Raeana
Ask Raeana how she would describe herself and you’ll hear words like diligent and creator. Ask me and I would say, a fab chick whose got next!

Yes Raeana's got next yall!

I remember the ramblings and the twitpics of a design student on the verge of graduating from Parsons School of Designs. Her twitter voice filled with drive, perseverance, uber-style and even a little anxiety as she worked on her collection, and finishing up school. Her designs had me clinging onto every mysterious twitpic she would tweet. And so a silent supporter of Raeana was born.
It’s refreshing to see a young designer push the envelope with “daring silhouettes”. She describes her designs as having a mysterious sexuality that’s yearning to be explored. I can’t wait to see more from her!
Today Raeana has graduated from Parsons with many prestigious design accolades and honors. She’s traveled around the world to explore and cultivate her talent, winning design competitions.

Her B_Smuth collection is an amazing debut. I personally love what she’s doing and would wear everything I’ve seen so far. And although Peta might not appreciate the furs in her collection or agree, I will say they’re definitely fab chick approved.

Hey, Saks Fifth Avenue thought so as well. One of her tailored mink jackets made it into the window display. Now how fab is that?
When asked where she would love to see her pieces sold she had this to say:
“I would love to sell internationally, in retailers like Colette, Le Bon Marche, and Harvey Nichols and in New York Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Oak and Opening ceremony to name a few.”
Guess what guys, I actually believe she will!

Keep up with Raeana and see what she's go up her sleeve next. Follow her on twitter @_Raeana.


socialitedreams 5.11.10  

i wish her the best of luck! fab stuff :D


Unknown 5.11.10  

i wish her much success, she has really cute pieces

Pristina 5.11.10  

The artistry in that purple blazer is awesome. She'll definitely do well! 7.11.10  

omg. so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I wish her all the success in the world

Eclechick 11.11.10  

Chic & fashion forward. I love the concept of emphasized shoulders, but could never find the right style...her designs fit the bill! Thanks for putting me on to her designs. Opening Ceremony would be an ideal place for her pieces!!