McDonald's McRib Launch Shindig
Fab Chick Worthy?

Who says fab chicks only dine in five star restaurants, drinking select bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, while consuming a perfectly cooked and seasoned cut of filet mignon in ear shot of a classically trained pianist playing a rare piece from Chopin in the background?

As luxurious as that sounds, I’m going to say we’re not all fortunate enough to partake in such dinning experiences. Well at least not as often as we would like. Some of us find ourselves skipping classy joints to chow down on some good ol’ Mickey D’s, especially when caught out late and starving.

But for all you die hard McDonald's fan who enjoy the yellow arches, the legendary McRib is back on the menu for you fab chicks. Excited much?

Last night the always-crowded McDonald's located in the heart of Times Square hosted a media day party to launch the MIA sandwich, The McRib for a limited time, November 2 through 22nd.
I know many of you are saying to yourselves, this isn’t your typical Fab Chick news, but hey, I know some of you are lovin’ it, or will be lovin’ it, the McRib sandwich that is.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what it tastes like as I’m not a big fan of red meat or pork, but Shaunequa of did say it was surprising good.
And one of the McRib all time dedicated fans suggested that it is the sauce that gets you. I don't know so you be the judge. You tell me if it's Fab Chick worthy of consumption. I’ll just stick to an occasional order of French fries dipped in sweet and sour sauce.
Shaunequa of, Melissa & Melanie of, & Me

Don't we all love Melanie's pout? She's definitely fallen for plum this season. And get this, she's wearing a Fab Chick budget recommendation, Revlon's Va Va Violet. She layered it with a gloss. Love it!

Until the next venture, stay fab!


KMP (Keep Me Posted) Blog 3.11.10  

Love your review and your pics! You guys look like ya had a great time. I was sick, so I missed it.

O So Chic ! 3.11.10  

It's always a fun time when we're all together. Hope to see you guys again soon!