Last Year's Infatuation...
This Year's Love Addiction...

Don’t you just love when some of your favorite trends from the previous year spill over into the current year? I do. Especially when you’ve stocked your closet with a few of them.

Last year I was with much of the population and had an infatuation for the fur vest trend. Remember? Refresh your memory here. I even went out and bought a couple. My favorite, a black Zara number.

This year I can say my faux fur vest infatuation has turned into a full on love affair. It actually made it as one of my top fall favorites. If you missed the count down, check it out here.

Usually when it’s cold and I’m hopping in and out of the car, I layer my vest over a thin leather jacket or a very heavy knit sweater. But Saturday’s 60’s degree weather proved perfect for me to wear one of last year's faux fur vests without all the added layers.

Love it when I can revisit an old trend and of course I love a warm fall day!