Have you visited your OB-GYN lately?
Ugh! I did.

When was the last time you’ve paid your gynecologist a visit?

For me it was this morning.

I woke up with anxiety as I typically do whenever I have to pay any medical doctor a visit, especially my gynecologist.

There’s something unsettling about being in a dreary decorated room with temperatures always a bit on the cool side, while diagrams of fetuses and cervixes stare at me as I’m wearing an unflattering white crepe paper gown.

Despite the awkward feelings, I do understand the importance of subjecting myself to being in that room. Routine gynecological exams are vital to women’s health. Pap smears must be done to check the cervix for abnormalities, and for early detection of any problems.

Can't you just see the uneasiness in my face? And yes, this time around I kept my jacket & scarf on! LOL!

Knowing is always the first step and half the battle.

Yes it can be a tiny bit unpleasant, annoying, even a bit embarrassing sometimes, but it’s necessary.

So to combat the weirdness and uncomfortable feelings I always have a friend on stand-by to text and keep me at ease. I also like to strike up conversation with my doctor for a good distraction as well.

A good diversion always helps an uneasy experience be less difficult to go through.

Today the distraction of choice was an impromptu photo session with myself, by myself. How about that for fun and distraction?
It’s definitely fab to be proactive about your health.

Have you had you cervix checked lately? Are you just as uneasy as I am about going for your routine exams? What do you do to help with the anxiety?


Pristina 15.11.10  

This photoshoot in the gyno office is funny. Good idea though! I always leave that appointment with a well-rested mind that I've gotten an essential check-up/testing done. And at the same time, slightly violated even though my doc's an older Jewish woman lmao.

WashingTina 15.11.10  

I don't mind the gyn as much as I mind the dentist. That really fills me with anxiety.

Misha 16.11.10  

@Pristina...Yeah i usually feel at peace after I go and I get my results that everything is in the clear, but I just can't get with the opening up and being pinch by a stranger... lol

@WashingTina...Yes the dentist gives me anxiety too! I actually don't know which one I dislike more.

Kerissa 3.12.10  

I'm late commenting since my visit was today. Funny I was washing my hands and thinking how gorgeously decorated the bathroom was. I avoided snapping a few pics of myself although it was tough, lol. Thanks for reminding us that being fab means being healthy.