A Shiny End to a Dull Day
I Emotionally Shopped

Hi I'm Misha and I'm an emotional shopper.

Oh wait, you guys know this about me already, so let me just cut to the chase.

After a rough workday, I needed something to brighten my day. The only thing I wanted was to either see someone I fancied or purchase something shiny and new. In this case, I relied on the latter. Shiny and new it was.

Considering I'm on a serious budget, and I do mean SERIOUS, I could not afford to go on one of my infamous emotional shopping binges.

After some quick rationalizing, I gave myself a strict budget of $30. I felt that was fair.

Where did I end up? Daffy's. I figured, eh, I never find anything in this Daffy’s so maybe I'll end up on the train ride home without a shopping bag.


A sucker for a shoe with laces this season, I found a pair of Devani patent leather oxford style heels in my size for a mere $29.99, suggested retail of $160. These proved perfect for my fall wardrobe. And I loved the slight masculine quality they have.

Great. You can’t beat cheap in price and cute in style. It was check out time!

Talk about a fab chick approved budget find!
Who says you can’t emotionally shop on a budget?

Here's how I wore them the first time around!
devani shoes
I decided to keep my look a bit masculine and preppy.
devani shoes


KaiLee 26.10.10  

I love those misha!

Pristina 26.10.10  

Omg the vest! the shoes! the belt! Lolz I love it all!

Zakiya 26.10.10  

this is SUPER FLY. I love love love it!

Addikted2Fashion 27.10.10  

Misha I'm going through your closet.. lol

Zakiya aka Ziggy 4.3.11  

This look is hot, i can't lie you are fly chica, props :3