Melody Ehsani New Jewelry Lookbook:
“Final Frontier”

Designer Melody Ehsani has released images from her look book for her new accessories collection titled "Final Frontier". The collection is filled with bold edgy pieces. To wear one of these you have to be ready to stand out. Definitely Fab Chick approved. This is what Melody said about her new collection:
This series for me was very much inspired by being my true self.

Interconnectedness, Intergalactic, Inter - related.


and the belief in looking back to Nature- the source - to reconnect with the Divine Design….remember who you are….and the belief that you can teleport to where you want to be as soon as you close your eyes to see….
We definitely love the inspiration behind this line. Check out a few more pics from the lookbook.

And be sure to check out all the other items she has to offer, any Fab Chick will find a few pieces she'll want to add to her wardrobe.