Tom Ford
Launching Women's Collection

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Aren't we excited about Tom Ford returning back to women's wear? The once Gucci head designer is getting ready to launch his Women's line. No exact date has been released as everything is still in the beginning stages, but there are talks that we could see something as early as 2010.
It's unclear if Ford's new womenswear line will come with stores of its very own. But if they do, they ought to be the antithesis of Tom Ford's men's stores, the bastion of all things fine and manly, from Scotch (or the liquor of your choice) to walking sticks to $9,240 fur boots to $990 jeans with real gold buttons. We're not quite sure what the ladies' version of that is, but we're imagining red velvet on the walls, embellished long cigarette holders, possibly hookahs, a walk-in vodka freezer, and denim shorts that show juuuuuust the right amount of ass cheek.
So Fab Chick keep your fingers crossed!