Fab Chick: Closet Tips
Maximize Your Closet Space

How many times have you brought something new home, got ready to hang it in your closet and realized that there's no more hanging space? What about when you're looking for your favorite pair of jeans and there's just way too much in the closet to get to them?

Closet space is definitely something many of us have complained about. We all say we could use more room. This short video provides some helpful tips to help maximize your closet space. It can be as simple as using the right hangers. In our own need to gain more closet room, we found that the ones used and described in the clip were very helpful.

Since many of us aren't able to have that dream closet like Mariah Carey a la MTV Cribs back in the day, these tips will at least help. I'm sure any Fab Chick would love to gain more space in her closet for those special purchases, and of course more shoes. Hey, there's always rooms for one more piece right? Well these tips make it all possible.

Check out Mariah's closet if you happened to have forgotten.