Fab Chick Throwback:
Minnie Ripperton

As it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I felt a need to shine some much needed light on an illness that is claiming the lives of Fab Chicks of all ages. I've expressed early this week the need to contribute and a few ways we can all do our part to help bring awareness to breast cancer. But to further highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'm remembering Fab Chick Minnie Ripperton. Breast cancer claimed the singer songwriter's life in 1979 at the young age of 31.

Minnie was given only six months to live once diagnosed with the illness. But she didn't allow her being terminally ill to prevent her from doing what she loved, caring for her children, recording and performing. Her sheer determination to live for her children allowed her to outlive the six months doctors gave her.

Many may not know but Minnie Ripperton was actually one of the first celebrities to come forth and make her breast cancer diagnosis public.
She wanted to bring awareness to the illness that was claiming her young life as well as other women who weren't as brave. She was truly a determined, talented and courageous young woman. Let's not forget, she was beautiful, stylish, had a great voice and definitely was a Fab Chick!
Let's remember Minnie Ripperton and her contribution to breast cancer awareness as well as to music. I'm sure many female artists today can count her as an influence, Mariah Carey being one.

If you know nothing about Minnie Ripperton check out some of her music and performances.
Here are two of Minnie's most popular songs.

And here are two of my favorites.