Solange: Fab Chick of the Moment!

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We have made Solange our Fab Chick of the Moment. We love Solange's fealessness when it comes to her fashion sense. She definitely has a style of her own. While others have critized Solange for cutting her tresses and wearing a low fade, we commend her for not allowing her hair to dictate who she is. As we said in our post "Short Hair, who cares", "
" the world you are free and confident! Who needs hair to look beautiful?"
Clearly Solange doesn't. Check out a snippet of her interview with
Apparently, she breaks out the electric razor every few years, whenever she feels like her hair has become evil and grown beyond her control. "I did it once when I was 16 and again when I was 18," she said backstage at BCBG. "I just need to kind of start over and liberate myself and feel empowered. I feel like so many women put so much of their power in their hair, and I was succumbing to that — like, spending so much time and money and energy on my hair."
And for that, this chick is Fab in our book. Read the full interview here.


Anonymous 17.9.09  

I think people are so judgemental and conform to the norms so much that when someone breaks away fromt that, it becomes a problem. I embrace her and her boldness.. Just as I embrace the wiggies, weavables, and the nappy heads.. I love black women and their expression through their hairstyles! ~B.Sweet