Fab Chick Throwback:
Phyliss Hyman

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1949 — 1995
Last night Alexis Phifer attended the Us Weekly's 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers event. The moment we saw her head wear we immediately felt as though we've seen it somewhere before. Of course, there's nothing new under the sun. And then it hit us. Alexis Phifer appeared to be channelling Fab Chick Phyllis Hyman.
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Phyllis Hyman was definitely Fab Chick worthy in her day. She was classy, beautiful, stylish and had a great voice. Sad she left us so soon. We're sure we would be seeing Phyllis Hyman on the red carpets at some of today's most fabulous events as she was always glamorous in her dress. No doubt she would have made some of the best dressed lists. Phyllis was a well put together lady, always exuding chicness. If you know nothing about her, I suggest maybe spending some google and YouTube time getting to know her and her music.
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Check out some footage after the jump.
Notice in the below footage her 'strong shoulders' in her outfits. Strong shoulder happen too be a very big trend going forward for Fall 09. Phyliss Hyman, a true Fab Chick!