Short Hair Who Cares?

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As women, when we want to feel good and look pretty, often the first thing we turn to is our hair.

We question: “How does my hair look?”

And from there, we dart right to our hairdresser to work a miracle. But what if you’re tired of the same look you've had for years?

You've weaved, extended, fried, dyed and laid it to the side. And, honestly, you don't know what else to do. Now what?

We suggest: Snip! Snip!

Why not go short? Short hair is the perfect way to remix your look if you want a completely different appearance. Show the world you are free and confident! Who needs hair to look beautiful?

Short hair. Who cares?

Here are some of our favorite short hair remixes.
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Halle Berry
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Chrisette Michele