Not Just Blue...
But Brightly Hued Jeans...

colored denim
Jeans aren't just your traditional blue, this spring season they're showing up everywhere brightly hued. They're a great way to effortlessly pull of this Spring's color-blocking trend. Will you be wearing brightly hued jeans this season?

1. J Brand $176
2. Delia's $10
3. Sass & Bide $253
4. Rag & Bone $155
5. Rag & Bone $165
6. BDG $58
colored denim
My jade skinnies are from Joe's Jeans. I'm thinking of a bright sunshine yellow denim acquisition next. Hmmm.


socialitedreams 8.4.11  

$10 for delia??? i had to do a double take, lol....i'd like to try some for color blocking, they are cool :)


Kerissa 9.4.11  

I want a pair of colored jeans and for $10. Maybe I'll check Forever 21.

MzMore 10.4.11  

Love the color of your skinnies and i love me some Joe's Jeans, especially The Honey style.

Anonymous 12.4.11  

I'm so glad colored denim is back! When I was a good I absolutely adored them. I had a pair of bright green Jordaches that you couldn't tell me wasn't the business!

jeans 5.8.12  

I need some of those jeans. Those are just so bright and cheerful, perfect for summer.