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Shoemint pauline wedges wine color
The members-only online shop ShoeMint has officially launched and I didn’t spare anytime making my first shoe purchase –12am November 25th to be exact. Since I fell for the wine colored wedges that co-designer Rachel Blison wore, my choice was a no-brainer. Well, I’ve received my purchase! And I’m sure all of you want to know what my thoughts are right? Well here goes.

For shipping I would have to say was pretty good, standard even. I ordered on Friday, November 25th and received my purchase Thursday December 1st. I’m pleased with the amount of time it took for me to receive my purchase. Thumbs-up for shipping ShoeMint.

Where style is concerned, the images on the website in comparison to what I received was pretty accurate. How many times do you order a particular style of shoe, open your package and the style and make of what you selected is very disappointing in appearance—different in texture and silhouette from what’s shown online? It can be very upsetting. Thumbs-up for style accuracy ShoeMint.

My main concern and issue with ordering from many shoe sites like ShoeMint is always the quality and comfort. ShoeMint urges buyers of premium materials, expert craftsmanship, perfect fit and real leather and suede. The suede wedges I purchased actually feels and looks just like suede. There’s nothing more disheartening to me then thinking you are getting a pair of real suede shoes just to feel the texture of some micro-fiber faux-ness.

As for comfort, considering the extreme height of these wedges, the platform makes it easy to walk in, but I would not suggest for all day standing –at least not for me. Thumbs-up for quality and comfort ShoeMint.

So if you were skeptical like myself about ShoeMint, I can say that out of all the other members-only online shoe sites, this so far has to be the best in quality, which ranks pretty high in my book.

With the debut collection selling out, I am very curious to see future selections. I’ll stay tuned and find a hiding place for wallet. Have you signed up for ShoeMint?


Loren 5.12.11  

OMG! I fell in love with these too! I just got a message from ShoeMint letting me know that these wine beauties are back in stock! I'm just curious on what size to order. I hear they run small.

Did you order your normal heel size? I have 24 hours to order them in order to receive the discount. Hoping and looking forward to a speedy reply!


Oh, and cool blog, by the way!

TheFabChick 5.12.11  

@Loren i ordered the size i normally wear in heels and they fit fine for me...

and thank you for the comment! :-)

Loren 5.12.11  

Great! I can't wait to order them. And thanks for the quick reply. I'll definitely be checking back!

Channing in The City 5.12.11  

Oh, cuuuute! I need this!

The Style and Beauty Doctor 6.12.11  

Damn! Those shoes are hot!!!

Brandy 22.12.11  

I purchased a pair from there and did not have the same luck. The shoes cut off right on my ankle bone and when I wore them around the house they cut into the side. It was painful and I am returning them. And, there is a $9.95 restocking fee, even if they are returned in the same condition. So, I will no longer be purchasing shoes from them and I have removed my name from their service. Highly disappointed.

Kerissa 23.12.11  

These are hot, hot, HOT!