READ THIS | 7 Benefits To Drinking Hot Water

benefits of drinking hot water
For over a year now I’ve been committed to drinking HOT water daily. I start my day with a cup of hot water. Yes I know you’ve seen my daily foursquare check-ins at Starbucks, but before and sometimes after my caffeine fix I consume a cup of hot water.

Of course we all know the benefits of drinking water, but ever since my mom called to tell me about an episode of Dr. Oz where he recommended drinking hot water, I’ve been hooked. Here’s a small list why I’m all about drinking hot water in the midst of my normal water intake.

1. Drinking hot water can be like spending time in a sauna, it purifies your body. As your body temperature rises and you begin to perspire, hot water flushes the toxins out. Add a piece of lemon first thing in the morning and it can assist in daily cleansing—helping prevent constipation.

2. I suffer from sinus and nasal congestion, especially when the air is dry. Drinking hot water helps in clearing your nasal cavity, relieving congestion and sinus pressure.

3. Drinking hot water is a great way to stay hydrated and keep warm. You might say, why not drink tea? Consuming tea with caffeine may keep you alert and warm, but it doesn’t help in hydration. The caffeine element is what can cause dehydration.

4. Hot water can improve your digestion, especially after meals. Drinking cold beverages/water during and immediately after a meal can be dangerous. (I remember my father scolding me about this, giving me an example of what happens when you mix cold water and oil.) Think about it. Drinking cold water solidifies the oil in the foods you consume—harmful for digestion. This can cause the oil in your food to breakdown faster than the solid food you’ve consumed. This lines the intestines turning into fats and possibly cancer.

5. Blood circulation is improved by drinking hot water.

6. And again with some lemon first thing in the morning, hot water is great for getting the metabolism going—perfect as a weight loss strategy.

7. Just as drinking water in general is important to maintaining healthy skin, hot water is excellent for your complexion as well!

Try drinking a daily cup of hot water. Add lemon or natural honey for flavoring if necessary as they both are good for you. And be sure to boil your water and not consume hot tap water. Your hot water should be just as clean as any temperature water you drink.


GlamNiki 16.12.11  

I'm going to start doing this. I drink decaf tea already, but I'm going to try plain hot water and a lemon slice. Thanks for the advice, Mish!

Arr 18.12.11  

All of the benefits that you mentioned are spot on. I've done this on and off for years. Thanks for the reminder to start this again.

WendyB 18.12.11  

Interesting...if I can just get over my aversion to hot liquids!

Kerissa 23.12.11  

Does drinking hot tea count? I drink a lot of water and throwing in lemon or lime is always a win.

Anonymous 10.1.12  

Yes! I Love Hot mom and I drink this religiously and have been for years.. :)

RevealingBeaute 28.6.12  

Good read. I'm drinking hot water with lemon, strawberries and mango slices in it RIGHT NOW!

Thanks for sharing!


Munir Maru 10.1.13  

i am doing this from years...and let me tel you that having hot water with lemon everyday in morning works miracle...especially in burning down calories and cleaning the has helped me for controling digestive system and reducing weight.

Anonymous 11.3.13  

Googled the benefits of drinking hot water because I hear it does wonders. So glad I came across this piece! I'll keep you posted on my progress and how it works for me ;)

- @projectchula

matt Binyon 11.4.13  

Drinking hot water in the morning opens your capalaries and hydrates you. It also perks you up just like coffee but with out the sludge. I switch from coffee to hot water in the morning about a year ago and I feel much better throughout the day.

Anonymous 26.4.13  

Drinking good and more water is very essential than taking healthy foods. Water plays vital role not only in human life but also in all living beings. Human can survive without food for some days but can’t survive without water even for few days.

pramod 19.8.13  

I have started drinking hotand warm water and reduce my weight by 2kg with in 10 days

Rose 27.3.14  

I started drinking water last month when my cough and cold wouldn't go away. I'd had it for 3 months and it was so gross and making me so weak! Finally, I figured I had to stop drinking cold water and I did. I forced myself first to drink water from boiled fresh radish (good for the lungs). My symptoms were gone within about a week. In two weeks, I felt like a new person. I have more energy, I am a lot more regular in my bathroom habits, and I feel vibrant.

I haven't stopped drinking hot water since then--upon waking, before and after meals, and before retiring at night. I've also lost excess weight as a result!