OUT & ABOUT | Cocktails & Couture...The Daily Style Session

Over the weekend I wasn't in the best of moods. But without diving too much into my personal life, let's just say that I've learned a thing or two about the importance of communication.

While my emotions were swinging in one direction, I managed to pick myself up and swing in the direction of The Bo Concepts Store on 18th street for Cocktails & Couture, a networking event for online media during our favorite time of the year, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As usual, founder Lianne Farbes did not disappoint in throwing a fab party filled with great people. Cool times!
Me w/ Annika & Melanie

Sunday afternoon I found myself chilling at the Stone Rose Lounge for The Daily Style Session. First let me say that the Stone Rose Lounge is an awesome space with an even more awesome view of the city. It’s guaranteed to make you take a moment and sigh. Sorry I didn't capture the event space.
Sandrine, Annika & Me

As I enjoyed Macallan cocktails, I was able to lounge and catch up with some of my favorite Fab Chicks while listening to the likes of Miguel. I loved his acoustic version of Sure Thing; it definitely gave the song a cooler vibe.
Since it is Fashion Week, writer and friend Annika played correspondent to The Fab Chick and got the low down from Miguel.
Press play to hear what Mr. Sure Thing had to say about what Fashion Week means to him. Oh, and apparently he knows a thing about being fab as he loved Annika's jumper. Don't you?!

"Being yourself should be a personal requirement for living" -Miguel


Maya 15.9.11  

I absolutely LOVE your first outfit. So chic. I love your creativity. Keep up the good work.. I look forward to your posts.

Gigi 17.9.11  

You look cute and I must say your eyebrows are sharp.