HOW TO | 6 Simple Ways To Wear White After Labor Day

No white after Labor Day? Yeah, WHATEVER! Let's all agree that breaking this very rule can create some fab chick approved results. Sometimes traditions need to be broken to make room for new ones.  

Here are 6 simple tips to help you wear your white after Labor Day successfully:

1. Wear white garments that are of a heavier weight; stay away from linen and lightweight fabrics.

2. Keep details on your white garment to a minimum, refrain from eyelet and lace detailing.

3. Incorporate heavy fabrics/textures in your look like leather, suede, wool, etc.

4. Don't be afraid to pair with darker hues and colors; brown, plum, green, shades of gray, etc.

5. Pair with obvious fall-like items; trench coat, utility jacket, cardigans, etc.

6. Put away summer shoes and wear your white with fall/winter-like footwear; leather oxfords and boots.

So when you finally decide to put away your spring/summer garments for your fall/winter wears, keep those whites out a little bit longer. There's still more fab-ness to be had out of them.

Say Yes to White after Labor Day

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Sereeda (eclechick) 7.9.11  

Great tips! I don't follow the "No white after Labor Day" rule either. Doubt anyone does...

elle.n.deen 8.9.11  

i always hated hearing that. i mean, isn't any day that isn't Labor Day, a day after Labor Day anyway? (try saying THAT 3xs fast lol) so to be technical we should never wear white expect ON Labor Day?? fashion doesn't follow rules. wear what u want and what u think looks good. those are the only rules.

Sharon 12.9.11  

Great advice.
I grew up with family who believed in no white after Labor Day but, times have changed so, I always say wear what you want when you want.