Fight Winter Blues with Vibrant Color...

Models:Shanice & Folasade|Photography:Mougabe-Just for me!

Need a way to ward off some of winter's drabness? Why not try wearing a pair of vibrant colored opaque tights?

Be adventurous, pick a color and pair it with contrasting shades. The contrast often times can be very pleasing and stimulating to the eye. It's also a way to break out of the sometimes boring neutrals and basics that we can find ourselves slaves too during the winter.

Here's my crack at it.


The Merry Traveller 11.1.11  

I love love your glittery sparkly skirt! Those bright pops of colour do really bring out some good feelings and happiness in me. I'm more of a basic colour kind of girl but am tempted to bring out more colours together now. It's my first time to your blog via links and I love the set of pictures from your previous blog entries especially those shoes.

Kim {The Stylish Life} 12.1.11  

Love the colors!!! Lawd knows I have been doing neutrals since the temps dropped but I just hate winter so much so my clothes match my mood. Dark.

Anonymous 14.1.11  

omg! my friend and I were talking about people looking so gloomy in the winter with their all black everything. I wonder if ppl looked at you crazy for being so sunshiny in these snowy times. You go girl!

Kerissa 15.1.11  

Good job Fab Chick. I picked up some colored tights this weekend for 79 cents! Yay me :)