Event: Illamasqua Make Up Master Class

Illmasaqua MasterClass
Having the chance to attend a master class with Illamasqua’s creative director and make-up extraordinaire Alex Box at the Soho Grand Hotel was a great opportunity. I knew very little about the brand prior to the class, but the experience instantly made me a believer in the company’s motto: “Make-up for your alter ego”.

Box also showed us that, “No matter what the color is, if executed correctly, [any color] can look like it belongs.”
Illmasaqua MasterClass


By using one of their most popular products Liquid Metal, she created a complete blue smoky eye and blue hued eyebrow. It was quite Fab.
Illmasaqua MasterClass
Now whether or not I can wear this to work without getting strange stares from my co-workers is another story. But for a more everyday wearable look, my suggestion would be to skip the extremely strong brow and go with a well-groomed natural brow. And perhaps a little less color and pigment for the smoky eye, keeping the pop of blue around the eye.

Coming up this spring 2011, Illamasqua will introduce their Colour Collision Collection. A collection filled with bold, intense colors that come together to be fresh, electrifying and bold, creating a great modern contrast with cool and warm tones.

The Warm Story: Soft peaches and pinks to neon orange.
Illmasaqua Spring 2011 Collection

• Powder Eye shadows Shiver - a shimmery white (pictured above) and Heroine - a subtle toffee $20
• Intense Lip gloss in Mistress, $20 – a vibrant, glossy coral (pictured above)
• Lipstick in Obey, $22 – a bright peach with a soft matte finish
• Cream Blusher in Rude, $24 (pictured above)
• False Lashes in #25, $16 – soft and fluttery

Cool Story: Soft to intense; icy cool blues & lilacs touched with pink
Illmasaqua Spring 2011 Collection

• Powder Eye shadows in Anja & Creep, $20 – a matte sky blue and a pastel lilac
• Intense Lip gloss in Fierce, $20 – bright, glossy purple (pictured above)
• Lipstick in Liv, $22 – a milky, pale pink with soft matte finish (pictured above)
• Cream Blusher in Lid, $24 – an intense, deep pink (pictured above)
• False Lashes in #17, $16 – dramatic and feminine (pictured above)
• Nail Varnish in Load, $14 – a soft cream

Dangerous Red Story: Intense and seductive, accents of true red
• Intense Lip gloss in Succubus, $20- a glossy, bright blood red
• Lipstick in Sangers, $22 – a rich, true red with a matter finish
• Nail Varnish in Throb $14 – a deep, glamour red