Songs aren't the only things being remixed these days. Shoes seem to be getting in on a piece of the remix action.

Remixed by Dane Simms is a shoe design company created by two fab chicks and all around cool women, Dana and Nikk. They take shoes, blank canvases of course and remix the hell out of them. Although I'm not quite sure how they come up with ideas for their designs, I thought much of their work was fun and exciting. Two components in life I truly enjoy.

One thing's for sure, they're all one of a kind designs.

They sent me this pair and I had a little remix fun of my own.

I don't normally give credits of my outfits for a personal reason, but here goes:
Jacket:Nanette Lepore|Tunic:RACHEL Rachel Roy|Tights:Hue|Shorts:H&M|Shoes:Remixed by Dane Simms|Snood:MICHAEL Michael Kors|Ring:Don't Remember Oops!|Earrings:NYC Street Vendor

What do you think of these Remixed by Dane Simms shoes I'm wearing?

Email Dane Simms shoes at danesimms@hotmail.com for more information.

Photography by: Andre King


Faces by Tamara 5.1.11  

I love those!!!
And you fit is fab as usual!

Krista 5.1.11  

Great pics! Looove the shoes, especially the pink.

Anonymous 6.1.11  


Anonymous 6.1.11  

You always look great!! I'm feeling the pink shoes. I love the cowl!

Gigi 7.1.11  

Love the shoes, outfit, and the pics.

Pristina 7.1.11  

So pretty! I love these photos. Dope heels too, footwear artwork!

O So Chic 7.1.11  

Love the entire look. Love the setting. Love the photography. Girl, you're so fab!

-- Melanie

Graybow nyc 10.1.11  


Shydel 11.1.11  

Yess bish! Love it!

Tineey 12.1.11  

oh hello gorgeous! great photography & colors :)

xx tineey

Caroline 19.1.11  

Love the outfit and photos! You look beautiful... and those shoes are TDF.

TheSeventhDistrict 21.1.11  

Your makeup looks great!