Over-the-Knee Obsession

Fifteen years ago I went to the theatre with my mom to see Clueless and fell in love with the movie. It was right around the time I was seguing out of my TLC baggy clothes syndrome.

Can you imagine?

Yes, I used to wear oversized jeans, timberland boots, Jordans, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren men’s shirts, well more like little boys’ sizes for my small frame.

over the knee socks
I saw Clueless and immediately wanted to interject more girlie and feminine looks to my wardrobe. I became obsessed with mini skirts that were pleated and/or plaid, cutesy cardigans, brightly colored shoes, and I couldn’t get enough of thigh high and over-the-knee socks in shocking colors. We’re talking neon green.

Fast-forward to the year 2010 and I still have a love affair with mini skirts, thigh-high and over-the-knee socks, especially this fall season. But the grown up Misha has dropped the neon green socks for shades of gray, brown and black.
over the knee sock
As the weather gets a bit chillier, socks that go above the knee allow me to continue showing a bit of skin while remaining warm and chic at the same time. I for one do not believe in sacrificing warmth for fashion, even when wearing short skirts. This is a great way to not have to do that!
over the knee
So as the weather continues to transition I am looking to stock my sock drawer with more over-the-knee and thigh-high socks in heavy weights and other dark colors.

So for that preppy school girl vibe, add a pair of over-the-knee socks with your boots or oxfords this season.
over the knee socks
American Apparel $15, Urban Outfitters $14.00, Express $12.90,Lori $16.00

Here's a pair from Topshop that I WANT and NEED in my sock drawer for winter ASAP! I love the thickness of this pair. Who needs to wear pants when you have these?!


TheSeventhDistrict 13.10.10  

YES I remember when Clueless came out...I was much like you. Dressing like a little boy fashion #FAIL! LOL Glad we got it right now! LOVE LOVE LOVE your look! Definitely added over the knee socks to my wardrobe now! Thanks!

socialitedreams 13.10.10  

oh how i LOVED clueless!!! and that outfit for the grown up you is SO CUTE, I love everything about it :D Now I must hunt down some over the knee socks lol


Unknown 13.10.10  

you look Super Cute! I still enjoy clueless when I catch it on tv and the fashion is still very inspiring

Pristina 13.10.10  

Loved this outfit, in the photos & in person lolz. Clueless still runs my life lolz.

Caroline 15.10.10  

Oh I love your outfit! Especially that jacket.

Sharon 17.10.10  

You look super cute. I look over the knee socks though, I am growing too old for the look. Those topshop ones look so toasty. Get yourself a pair ASAP :)

Kerissa 17.10.10  

You look so fab! I'm a bit too old for the OTK socks as well but I am shopping for some boots and the ones you're wearing is screaming my name. Do tell more about them please?


I love the look of over the knee socks and your outfit was awesome! Those topshop socks look super warm!